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Solo Exhibitions
Group Exhibitions

2021 Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham

2016 Goldmark Gallery. Uppingham

2012 Devotionals Hart Gallery. London

2010 Offshore Hart Gallery. London

2008 Transit Hart Gallery. London

2006 Uranometria Hart Gallery. London

2004 Edgelands Hart Gallery. London

2014 Unsung Framers Gallery. London
2008 Timeless Riverhouse Gallery. Walton on Thames
2007 London Art Fair, Islington
2006 London Art Fair, Islington
2005 Nottingham Hart Gallery Christmas Exhibition
2005 ArtLondon. Chelsea
2001 Scottish Connections Field Dalling Gallery. Norfolk
2001 Artist Group Yarrow Gallery. Oundle
2001 Dolby Gallery. Oundle
2000 Scottish Connections Field Dalling Gallery. Norfolk
2000 Arthouse Gallery. Peterborough
2000 Show Case East Midlands Arts Council. Loughborough
2000 Open Cube Green Box Studio. Norfolk
1999 Arthouse 2 City Art Gallery. Peterborough
1996 Alfred East Gallery. Kettering
1995 Central Art Gallery. Peterborough
1994 Guildhall Art Gallery. Northampton
1994 Innovation City Art Gallery. Leicester
1993 Heffer Gallery. Cambridge


University of London
Work in private collections in the UK and US

'I admire the precision with which Richard uses and names his natural materials, which is a kind of respect. In each piece, the whole
is so much greater than the sum of the parts.'  

Kathleen Jamie