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I want, through my work, to offer glimpses of the unknown, to uncover fragments of hidden mystery, to explore the subliminal landscape concealed by the everyday.

The creation of assemblages and 'box art' offers a flexible and effective means of focusing perception. The presentation of content in a sealed, fixed state distils the essence of the work. The act of fixing the pieces of nature that I have collected from their wild resting is my attempt to stop the transience of life and freeze relentless time.

The nature of the materials I have chosen to incorporate in my work demands their protective encasement. The box that preserves them also serves to magnify their importance, as religious reliquaries do for the body parts of dead saints.

If we must have something carnal to revere - some symbol of magic and supernatural power - why should it not come from the animals and birds, our companions in the shared experience of life?

Richard James

'These are not star charts of a private world, but maps of our shared universe, shared with the insects and the animals and (especially) the birds.'

Andrew Lambirth, 2021